Rob's Social Impact Art & Design Projects 

"I Matter" Project Multimedia character education and youth leadership program that enriches student learning while developing their ability to express themselves through art and language.

Just Like Me Interactive multimedia experience brings teens  and communities together to frankly address issues of substance abuse and other social concerns. 

Just Like Me Behind the scenes at at a Just Like Me photo shoot with Rob Goldman. The multimedia experience places teens in a face-to-face encounter with a recovering addict and empowers them to express their feelings and concerns regarding drug use and abuse.

HIHI Homeless Photography Project Rob Goldman taught photography to homeless men in Huntington, NY. The resultant exhibition of 27 black & white photographs and an accompanying talk traveled to universities and houses of worship for over 3 years.

Shine On Rob Goldman conceived of and co-produced this anthem for the “I Matter” Project. The song is written and performed Alan Semerdjian and features choir members from the High School and Middle School of Huntington, NY.

More of Rob's projects will be posted soon...