A look at Rob's current projects in progress

Naked With Strangers book cover mockup_v3.png

Rob is thrilled to announce his forthcoming multimedia performance and book, Naked With Strangers. Rob is collaborating with Sonia Plumb, choreographer and Artistic Director of Sonia Plumb Dance Company in Hartford, Connecticut. In the spring of 2022, Rob and Sonia will bring a mesmerizing amalgamation of photography and dance to the stage. Stay tuned for details…


Rob’s accompanying coffee table book is a collection of deeply personal photographs that share each dancer’s physical, visible expression of her soul’s unnamable, invisible essence. The Divine and the Human as One. Ideas for each image are collaboratively generated through conversations with each dancer, based on this series of questions.

“Rob's project is organic expression in its purest form,
not caring what it looks like but what it feels like.”

Colby Connelly participating dancer