A look at Rob's current projects in progress


By Rob Goldman & Sonia Plumb

“Rob's project is organic expression in its purest form,
not caring what it looks like but what it feels like.”

Colby Connelly participating dancer

Rob is thrilled to announce his forthcoming multimedia performance, The Pearl, in collaboration with Sonia Plumb, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Sonia Plumb Dance Company in Hartford, Connecticut.

The multimedia dance project celebrates women while shining a light on the personal suffering brought on by social expectations, constructs and taboos, and the joy and freedom of transcending them. The performance exhibits a tug of war of the ego versus the soul, a poetic confrontation of the contradictions of the human condition in twenty-first century, media-drenched society.


The live performance offers a poetic interweaving of projected photography and choreography. Dancers of all shapes, ages, ethnicities, sizes and sexual orientation share aspects of their real-life struggles between their conditioned selves and their true nature, i.e. “The Pearl”. The piece is designed to provoke, honest, challenging dialogue by boldly confronting the destructive power of commercially and culturally propagated norms.


Performers dance with their digital selves projected onto moving, mirrored panels spaced across the performance venue. The small audience size allows for an intimate exchange between the dancers and those in close proximity. The performance will debut in the spring of 2022.